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What can i say about myself, i love going to the movies, if i dont get it on the big screen then i will see it on dvd. My favorite genre of movie is action movies, Im addicted to marvel and think that fast and furious five is awesome. I love playing mini golf even tho i cheat all the way thru. Im rubbish at ten pin bowling but i totally love it. I love to cook for my friends and often socialize in this way. I drink red wine and love to barbeque, afterall i come from South Africa. I wud love to meet someone that can make me laugh, i tend to see the funny in everthing. Yes i do giggle, so if u canna deal with a girl that giggles, then give me a miss. Oh and im over weight, so if ur looking for a size ten forget it, im a size 14 trousers with a much bigger top cos i have huge boobs. Im a real girl that loves life
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Summer_Brock is white, 45 years old and lives in Edinburgh , Edinburgh .

She is seperated and is 5 foot 4 inches tall with blonde hair and hazel eyes and a fuller figure.